What is Family Care?

When someone enters the prison system, his or her family is not spared either. In the midst of struggling to handle this reality, the inmates’ spouses, parents or children are often trapped or labelled with shame and societal stigmas. They also often battle with loneliness, unfamiliarity, loss, and anxiety.

Family Care Ministry’s goal is to love, support and bring freedom to these families with the help of churches nationwide and work with organisations and volunteers to break the generational cycle of offence. Currently, 80-90 families are cared for annually – all of whom have been referred to us from agencies, churches and outreach projects like the Angel Tree Hamper Project.


Individuals or small groups of volunteers form relationships with families, providing emotion and social support through House Visitations. Some may also accompany elderly beneficiaries to appointments if they have difficulty moving around.


While taking note of families’ needs, volunteers connect regularly with PFS, link families to social agencies for assistance and may also welcome and assimilate them into their home churches. Under Care Club, PFS also provides case management and financial assistance for children’s education.


Empower children and youths by surrounding them with a caring community in Care Club every Saturday, where volunteers mentor them through one-to-one tuition, counselling, games, art and music. Special outings and family bonding activities are also school holiday highlights.

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Volunteer with Family Care

Be part of a visitation team

Current areas of need: Individuals or church teams who can befriend, escort, do deliveries, fundraise and report.
Frequency: Dependent on family needs and team composition. On average, one monthly visitation per family.

Serve weekly in Care Club

Current areas of need: drivers, tutors, befrienders & mentors, programme facilitators, skills trainers & logistics support.
Frequency: weekly or bi-weekly for above, except for programmes & trainers where this can be discussed.

Support in administration, logistics and ministry works

Current areas of need: Prayer intercessors, data entry, filing, sorting & packing.
Frequency: when required.

Join us to bring joy to families who might otherwise have little to celebrate.


We believe in giving out of the overflow; as you are blessed to be a blessing. It is in our hearts to develop and grow with volunteers, through establishing platforms that equip, empower and create new experiences for us as a community and vessels of God’s love and transformative power. Some of our activities include:

– Equipping –

Capacity building

– Empowering –

Sharing of God’s Word
Transform with God’s power
Fulfilling in God’s purpose

– Experiencing –

Quarterly Fellowship