What is Care Club?


The children of prisoners are often disadvantaged and isolated from others because of the shame of their parent’s experience. Poverty, lack of attention and care are common struggles they face as their caregivers often have to wear many hats just to cope and survive.

Care Club is a weekly children’s club and support group that was created in 2005, with a vision to empower the next generation and to provide practical help for caregivers and parents. The programmes serve as a platform for children to express themselves in a safe environment, learn to interact and build healthy relationships between themselves and volunteers. These strong bonds and support systems are invaluable in helping inmates’ families cope with their loved ones’ absence as well as their eventual return to the family.

In emphasising a holistic framework for support, Care Club includes family care, bursaries for children, financial assistance as well as leadership and modelling programmes.


Volunteers with different educational strengths mentor the children and youth through one-to-one tuition classes, reading-for-fun programmes and creative activities involving art, music and dance.


School holiday outings, camps and fun activities are specially organised by regular volunteers and ad-hoc teams from institutions and corporate partners so the children can enjoy time away from school and develop strong skills to communicate and understand the world around them.


Each encounter and conversation between volunteers and the children are precious moments of imparting not only knowledge and skills, but also virtues and values that will anchor the children's foundation and build them to become blessings to their families and the society.


Current areas of need: drivers, tutors, befrienders & mentors, programme facilitators, skills trainers & logistics support.
Frequency: weekly or bi-weekly for above, except for programmes & trainers where this can be discussed.