What is Through Care?

When a prisoner or ex-offender makes a decision to change for the better, a large part of the battle is won. It also marks the beginning of his or her journey on the straight and narrow path, which often comes with many challenges, most involving overcoming negative mindsets and putting into practice what is newly learnt. As we are compelled ‘to remember those in prison as if we were their fellow prisoners’ in Hebrews 13:3, we want to show them that they aren’t alone. To carry out this call, PFS and our volunteers support them spiritually, emotionally and practically throughout their journey, from pre-sentencing to reassimilation into society.


After being caught for a crime or being convicted, individuals and their families can feel very afraid and at a loss with what to do. Pre-Sentence Care reaches out to offenders and their families throughout this difficult period. Here, our work focuses on preparing them emotionally and spiritually before going into prison, through:

– Personal couselling –
– Practical help –


In-Care brings the transformational grace of Christ within prisons through various religious and non-religious programmes such as:

– Chapel Services & Bible Study –
– Christian Intensive Religious Counselling Programme (CIRCP) –

– Victim Empathy Programme –
– NYAA Programme –


After-Care ministers to ex-offenders upon their release. Volunteers continue their friendships with those they’ve ministered to in prisons, introduce them into new communities, provide practical help and encouragement on their journey of transformation, through:

– Prison Gate Ministry –
– Vocational Training –
– Employment Assistance –
– Financial Assistance –
– Men’s/Women’s Support Groups –


Chapel Services & Bible Study

Every week, prisoners gather at more than 70 sessions across all prison clusters where volunteers, sent in church teams, lead worship together with inmates and deliver inspirational messages.

The Bible study sessions help prisoners to learn life skills, experience recovery and inner healing and attitudinal changes. The study sessions also enable prisoners to talk about their joys, struggles and to discuss practical areas of life change.


Christian Intensive Religious Counselling Programme (CIRCP)

The programme is a Christ-centred and Bible-based spiritual and character formation programme that seeks to encourage prisoners to turn over a new leaf and transform themselves through providing participants with a new prosocial (Christian) identity,  a sense of hope, opportunities for change, emotional support and a sense of personal responsibility. At the end of the course, an invitation will be extended to the family members of the participants to attend the graduation ceremony.

CIRCP takes into account the Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) model of offender assessment and treatment and the factors that have been shown to promote desistance. More specifically, CIRCP seeks to incorporate participants who stand a higher risk of reoffending and aims to address, through a cognitive behavioural approach, the criminogenic risk/need factors of an antisocial cognition or personality pattern, substance abuse, familial and marital relationships, and relating at places of employment.

Course duration: Nine months (36 weeks consecutively) – Tuesdays to Fridays. On Mondays, participants will have the opportunity to receive one-to-one counselling on a scheduled basis.

Some topics include:

  • The Purpose Driven Life
  • The Alpha Course
  • Victim Empathy
  • Celebrate Recovery
  • Formation For Life in Christ
  • James, Ephesians and Romans


Prison Gate Ministry

Re-entering society after time in prison can be daunting for most, especially if their old friends come with the intention to receive them and lead them back into their former lifestyle. Our befriending ministry begins at the gates of prison where the Prison Fellowship Singapore (PFS) After-Care team, sometimes with volunteers familiar to the inmates, greets the ex-offenders on the day of their release.

Each year, PFS ministers to more than 200 releasees. Every releasee is welcomed at the gate and has a Christian brother or sister who journeys with him or her for one year and is provided with assistance to re-assimilate into society.


Vocational Training and Academic Tuition

Our volunteers provide training in computer skills, language proficiency as well as academic coaching for ex-offenders sitting for their GCE ‘N’, ‘O’ and ‘A’ level examinations.


Employment Assitance

We help ex-offenders find employment and prepare for job interviews. Once they are gainfully employed, the PFS After-Care team members visit them at their workplace and collaborate with employers to help the men and women adjust to the work environment.


Financial Assistance

PFS helps ex-offenders with immediate needs such as clothing, transport and food. We also provide short-term financial assistance on a case-by-case basis.



A former prisoner is faced with many challenges upon release from prison. More importantly, these men and women need to develop healthy friendships, have a listening and sympathetic ear, counseling support and encouragement to continue their reformation.

Through its partnership with churches, PFS facilitates the integration of ex-offenders and their families into a church community that will welcome and journey with them spiritually, emotionally and physically. Men’s and women’s support groups are held weekly to be the bridge in this process so our beneficiaries feel safe and get the right support.


Mondays weekly
7PM to 10PM

PFS Multi-Purpose Hall, 50 Playfair Road,
#03-01, Noel Building
Singapore 367995


Thursdays weekly
7PM to 10PM

PFS Multi-Purpose Hall, 50 Playfair Road,
#03-01, Noel Building
Singapore 367995

Interested to come? Kindly contact us at admin@pfs.org.sg with any of your questions!