Prison Fellowship Singapore (PFS) is a Christian Voluntary Welfare organisation with an inter-denominational fellowship of Christians ministering to men and women in the prison system and their families. We are committed to a prison ministry that seeks to bring holistic restoration to inmates and their families, by focusing on integrated approaches. Internationally, we are one of the over 100 affiliated members of Prison Fellowship International (PFI).

Our programmes provide a range of opportunities to work in the prison ministry. Find out how we are standing alongside prisoners and their families and how you can be part of this by contacting us at

Pre-Sentence Care reaches out to offenders and their families through counselling and practical support throughout this difficult period. Here, our work focuses on preparing them emotionally and spiritually prior to going into prison. In-Care brings the transformational grace of Christ within prisons through various programmes. Volunteers with After-Care minister predominantly to ex-offenders and facilitate their re-entry into the outside world. Family-Care focuses on supporting the family members and nurturing children of offenders.

On-going support includes:

Prison Gate Ministry, which involves meeting and greeting inmates on the day of their release.
Job placements.
Visiting ex-offenders at their job site to provide support and encouragement.
Providing temporary practical material assistance.
Halfway House placements.
Assistance with temporary accommodation.
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