Female releasees face many challenges upon release from prison.  Most need help finding meaningful employment with fair pay, upgrading of skills, and finances to tide them through the initial period of re-integration into society.

More important, these men and women need to develop healthy friendships, find a listening and sympathetic ear, counselling support and encouragement to continue their reformation.

Prison gate Ministry – Upon release, the prisoner is met by a PFS staff or volunteers and invited for a welcome meal and briefed on the types of available help.  Depending on the released prisoner’s needs, PFS staff will provide the necessary follow-up.

Employment Assistance – PFS helps released prisoners find employment at fair wages and assists them in preparing for job interviews.  Upon employment. The goal is to find them secure gainful employment and pro-social relationships which aids in successful employment.

Practical Assistance – Helps released prisoners with immediate needs such as clothes, transport assistance and food hampers.

Vocational Training and Academic Tuition – PFS provides training in computer skills, language proficiency and also tuition for released prisoners sitting for their ‘N’, ‘O’ and ‘A’ level examinations.

Support Groups and Fellowship Meetings – Weekly fellowship meetings are held on Monday nights for participants to support each other on the journey to recovery – whether it’s their own recovery or their own needs while supporting a loved one in prison. Together, the group focuses on shared resources and faith in God. These meetings help released the participants to forge healthy friendships,

Volunteers from various churches facilitate the support group and fellowship meetings.  This gives released prisoners the opportunity to discover more about various churches, and if they choose to do so, to follow the volunteer to church.