Angel Tree Project

The Angel Tree Project is about Hope, Transformation and Family Reconciliation.

Each year about 1,000 inmates pen their letters to family members before the Christmas season. The remorse, love and longing to re-connect with loved ones is penned in letters and then translated into cards. Many inmates shared their new found faith with their loved ones. The letters are pasted on Christmas cards and delivered with a hamper to the inmates’  spouse, parents and children. The hampers and letters, help to mend and restore relationships between the inmates and their families. Through the years, we have heard stories of family reconciliations mediated through the hampers and Christmas greetings from the inmates.

In 2015, more than 700 adult hampers and close to 200 children and youths hampers were delivered in partnership with 40 churches and organisations.

Help connect inmates with their families this Christmas.

Angel Tree Christmas Hamper Programme is a great connect between a child or family member and the inmate in prison. It brings reconciliation, hope and joy. The programme also raises awareness amongst the community of the impact of imprisonment on inmates’ families.

Register Your Church or Group

A large pool of volunteers are mobilised to deliver hampers to the inmates’ families on their behalf. In 2015, volunteers from more than 40 churches have stepped forward to deliver the cards and hampers during the Christmas season.

This programme reaches out to the families with the love of Christ and to help meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the families of prisoners.

Register to volunteer for the Angel Tree Christmas Project today. Help to re-connect hurting families. Your simple act of love will give joy to families who might otherwise have little to celebrate, and your church will live out the true meaning of Christmas.

Delivery Period: November – December

Make a Donation

Christmas approaches in a flash, and we need your help to send more than 1,000 hampers to about 900 families this year.  Make this a season of joy and hope for these families.

Each hamper costs $70. Be a blessing to inmate and family by sponsoring the cost of hampers.


Send a donation to:

Prison Fellowship Singapore Ltd

Address: Tanglin Post Office, PO Box 250, Singapore 912409

and designate it to “AT Hamper Project’

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