The Prisoner’s Journey launching in Singapore 2016

Sharing the Gospel Worldwide
With more than 22,000 prisons worldwide, and over 10 million incarcerated, prisoners make up one of the largest unreached groups in the world.

The Prisoner’s Journey is a transformational programme, that is delivered in three phases, which each 8-session run taking place in the prisons. It is designed to run multiple times per year in participating prisons across the world. TPJ is currently running in South Africa, Nigeria, Rwanda, Bulgaria, Australia, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Spain. Singapore will be the first country in Asia to run TPJ in 2015.

Through The Prisoner’s Journey, we hope to introduce 1 million men and women around the globe to a fellow prisoner: Jesus Christ. The implications for prisoners, their children and families, their communities and nations will be profound. It is a movement of the Gospel among those who are broken. Those that Prison Fellowship will journey with from brokenness to wholeness. Be part of this journey and take the first step in supporting TPJ.

To find out more about The Prisoner’s Journey in Singapore, please contact PFS at or 64756136. To donate to the programme, please contact us at 64756136 or click here.


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