The In-Care ministry team oversees chapel services, bible studies and one-to-one counselling.  Here, we explore ways where prison term can be spent productively and meaningfully, while working on life-transformation inside prison. We assist in helping offenders rise above bitterness and regret to seek God’s forgiveness.  Our team of volunteers and staff journey with offenders as they serve their sentence and move towards release and reintegration into society.

Prison Fellowship Singapore In-Care Programmes 

Chapel Services – Every weekend, prison inmates gather at nearly 40 different prison venues and time schedules to attend chapel services.  We run 30 weekly Bible study sessions and 34 chapel services across all prison clusters, including Admiralty West Prison (AWP). These sessions serve approximately 1,200 inmates.Volunteers representing numerous churches conduct Chapel services, lead worship and deliver inspirational messages. 

Bible Studies/Counselling – Bible study sessions help inmates to learn life skillsexperience recovery and inner healing and attitudinal changes.  The study sessions also enable inmates to talk about their joys, struggles and to discuss practical areas of life change.

Christian Intensive Religious Counselling Programme (CIRCP) is a signature PFS programme which runs for nine months.  These sessions are delivered six days a week and include one-to-one counselling, bible studies, groupwork, and courses such as the Alpha Course and Purpose Driven Life.

Community Reintegration Programme (CRP) – The CRP is an initiative of Singapore Prison Service to address problems that may interfere with an inmate’s ability to function effectively in society upon release.  It prepares the inmates for their return into the community through employment and social reintegration.  CRP is divided into three modules – career guidance, reintegration with community and reintegration with the family.  It consists of related skills training, covering common obstacles such as job placement, goal setting and money management.  It is delivered two months before an inmate’s release from prison.  Prison Fellowship Singapore works with Singapore Prison Services to provide volunteer-facilitators for weekly sessions.  This creates the opportunity to build a working relationship with the inmates to help them upon their release, in the areas of church integration and community reintegration.

CRP at Changi Women’s Prison (CWP) – CRP is a Singapore Prison Service (SPS) programme which is also organised at CWP.  This programme includes four modules: 1) Making effective choices; 2) Family reintegration; 3) Community reintegration; and 4) Employment.

Pre-Release Centre – Community Reintegration Programme (CRP) at Changi Women’s Prison (CWP).   CRP is a Singapore Prison Service (SPS) programme, which includes four modules: 1) Making effective choices; 2) Family reintegration; 3) Community reintegration; and 4) Employment.Up to six months prior to the inmate’s release, PFS prepares the inmate for re-integration into society.  A pre-release curriculum is taught in prisons to help them prepare emotionally and spiritually for their release. PFS interview inmates individually, noting their needs and making preparations (such as housing or employment arrangements) prior to their release.  Inmates are encouraged to participate in the weekly support group meetings, which are designed to help them navigate the difficult initial period of freedom.

Other Programmes

  • Post-examination secular talks on self-motivation and lateral thinking for ‘O’ and ‘N’ Level students at Tanah Merah Prison (TMP).
  • One-to-one counselling upon request by Singapore Prison Services.
  • Christmas celebration activities in prison during the month of November-December.


Prison Gate Ministry

Befriending ministry begins at the gate of Changi Prison.  The Prison Fellowship Singapore After-Care team greets the releasees on the day of their release. On average, each year we minister to about 200 new releases.  Every releasee is welcomed at the gate and has a Christian brother/sister who journeys with him/her for one year.

Upon completion of their sentences, most ex-offenders need help with employment, upgrading of skills and finances. Equally important, they need to develop healthy friendships, support and encouragement to continue their transformation. Our After-Care team offers a ‘prison gate’ ministry, After-Care Centre, education, employment, regular fellowship meetings and support groups.

  • Weekly bilingual men and ladies’ support groups in the evenings.
  • Chapel service and dinner every second Saturday of the month.
  • Social events every fourth Saturday of each month.
  • Annual After-Care retreats.
  • Christmas thanksgiving services and dinner for our clients and volunteers.

Employment Assistance – We help ex-offenders find employment and assists them in preparing for job interviews.  Once they are gainfully employed, the PFS after-care team members visit them at their workplace and collaborate with employers to help the men and women adjust to the work environment.

Financial Assistance – We help ex-offenders with immediate needs such as clothing, transport assistance and food hampers. In genuine cases, PFS will provide financial assistance for up to three months.

Vocational Training and Academic Tuition – Our volunteers provide training in computer skills, language proficiency and also tuition sessions for ex-offenders sitting for their ‘N’, ‘O’ and ‘A’ level examinations.

Aftercare Support Groups and Fellowship Meetings – Weekly fellowship meetings are held on Saturdays for clients to reflect on what they have learnt and share the joys and struggles that they experienced during the week.  These meetings help ex-offenders to develop healthy friendships.  Through its partnership with churches, Prison Fellowship Singapore helps connect ex-offenders and their families with a caring congregation that will welcome and support them, not only through the tough transitional stage from prison to community, but also for the “long haul” of their on-going spiritual journey.