In 1952, the late Rev Khoo Siaw Hua was the first Honorary Prison Chaplain who responded to a call for volunteer prison counsellors by the then Commissioner of Police. In a terse and profound statement, the Commissioner appealed: “These prisoners fear neither men nor law, make them fear God.” Some 20 Christian leaders responded and the Christian prison ministry was launched.


A Christian community that embraces prisoners, ex-offenders and their families with God’s love and transformative power


To mobilise, engage and equip the Christian community to minister to prisoners, ex-offenders and their families, enabling them to be a blessing to society

Prison Fellowship Singapore (PFS) is a non-profit, inter-denominational fellowship of Christians who are committed to embracing prisoners, ex-offenders and their families with God’s love and transformative power – turning their brokenness into wholeness.

Together with churches, Christian organisations, halfway houses, corporate partners, rehabilitative enterprises and our team of volunteers, we spread the Gospel and disciple the prisoners and their families throughout their journey of redemption, restoration and reconciliation so they can become blessings to society.

Our core activities focus on strengthening the church-community partnership and developing programmes that bring prisoners, victims and the community together through the love of Christ.

Internationally, PFS is one of over 100 chartered members of Prison Fellowship International (PFI).


70×7 is an initiative within Prison Fellowship Singapore that promotes restorative justice. It is the non-religious arm of PFS. Our services and programmes serve the community of families and individuals in the Singapore prison system and seek to reconcile love and justice.

We have the IPC-registered (Institute of Public Character) status under the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).

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Programmes include

– Victim Empathy Programme –
– NYAA Programme –
– Prison Gate Programme –
– Practical Assistance –
– Social Group Meetings –
– Skills Training & Equipping –

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