“Christians can show Christ’s love to offenders by serving as mentors and advocates, teaching life skills, sharing tangible support like food and furniture, providing job training and employment opportunities, and rebuilding families through counseling and recreational events.”

Walking with former offender

A former prisoner is faced with many challenges upon release from prison.  Most need help finding meaningful employment with fair pay, upgrading of skills, and finances to tide them through the initial period of re-integration into society.

More important, these men need to develop healthy friendships, find a listening and sympathetic ear, counseling support and encouragement to continue their reformation.

Drop-in Centre – PFS provides the comfort for released prisoners to rest, borrow books, and watch videos covering a range of subjects such as making telephone calls to prospective employers, receive counseling, or simply find a sympathetic ear. The counselling ministry is also an important ministry for our brothers.

Employment Assistance –  Assists released prisoners to secure employment at fair wages and helps them in preparing for job interviews.  Upon employment, PFS staffs visit them at their workplace and collaborate with employers to help the men and women adjust to the work environment

Practical Assistance – PFS helps released prisoners with immediate needs such as clothes, transport assistance and food hampers.

Vocational Training and Academic Tuition – Brings in trainers to conduct training in computer skills, language proficiency and also tuition for released prisoners sitting for their ‘N’, ‘O’ and ‘A’ level examinations.

Aftercare Support Groups and Fellowship Meetings – PFS holds weekly fellowship meetings on Saturdays for participants to reflect on what they have learned and share the joys and struggles that they experienced during the week.  These meetings help released prisoners to forge healthy friendships,

Twice in a week, PFS conducts support group meetings where participants are encouraged to reflect and talk about their daily challenges as well as more deep-seated problems.

Volunteers from various churches facilitate the support group and fellowship meetings.  This gives released prisoners the opportunity to discover more about various churches, and if they choose to do so, to follow the volunteer to church.