The Family ministry plays a significant role in Prison Fellowship Singapore, supporting about 70 families of inmates through financial and employment assistancehome visits or referrals to various partners for practical help.

Our services include support groups for spouses and mothers, Care Club weekly programmes and holiday camps for children, and annual Christmas events such as the Angel Tree.

Ladies’ Support Groups – Often, when a loved one is imprisoned, wives and mothers isolate themselves from their friends and family because of a sense of shame.  Support groups offer a safe place for them to express their feelings without feeling judged.  It also provides a platform for social activities and group counselling sessions.

Employment, Vocational Training, and Financial Assistance – Prison Fellowship Singapore assists inmate’s families in securing jobs, by providing training in language proficiency, computer skills, and art and craft.  We also provide short-term financial aid to families that find difficulties in making ends meet.

Home Visitations – The Family Care team and volunteers regularly visit inmates’ families to offer friendship, comfort and counselling.  Visitations are especially needful in cases where family members are ill or bed-ridden.  It also enables us to ascertain the needs of family members.

Referrals to Family Service Centres, Counselling Centres and the Faith Community – Prison Fellowship Singapore partners with Christian Family Services and Counselling Centres, to provide professional counselling and social work services.  Whilst doing this, we maintain friendships with the families, with a view of helping inmates to reintegrate and return to their families.

Spouse Ministry – When a loved one is imprisoned, the spouse tends to suffer greatly.  Prison Fellowship Singapore helps spouses to adjust to life as a single parent and to become self-reliant.  We support spouses through spiritual ministries including support groups, prayer sessions and Bible studies; and through practical programmes such as social gatherings, computer courses, language skills, craft and vocational training.

Parents Ministry – For the parents of inmates, Prison Fellowship Singapore provides emotional, medical and other practical assistance.  In most cases, the separation from their imprisoned children results in a lack of support for parents, who often become surrogate parents to their grandchildren.