What is Angel Tree?

The Angel Tree Hamper Project was founded by Prison Fellowship Singapore (PFS) in 2005 with a vision to bring the hearts of inmates and their loved ones together in the spirit of Christmas. Over the years, we have witnessed how inmates have found Christ in prison and how the Word of God has transformed them. With this initiative, they are given an opportunity to seek forgiveness and share with their families how God has touched their lives.


Hand-written letters with powerful messages of hope and reconciliation are written by inmates and are personally delivered with a gift hamper of household necessities by PFS volunteers to each of the families.


This reconnection of hearts not only brings hope and joy to children and youths with parents in prison, but also opens the door to the restoration of broken relationships between inmates and their loved ones.


Churches, organisations and schools unite in the spirit of community and social service. Through donations, dedication of time and service, our partners make this project a meaningful and successful one.

Sign up with Your Church or Group

Every year, volunteers from more than 40 churches step forward
to deliver hand-written cards and hampers during the Christmas season.

A national school, their teachers and body of students
come together to pack and organise 1000 hampers.

So we can reach out to the families with the love of Christ
to meet their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Join us to bring joy to families who might otherwise have little to celebrate.

Delivery Period: November – December yearly.

Register your interest with peterlim@pfs.org.sg

Become a Sponsor

Each adult and child hamper comes with an assortment of 17 brand new items, ranging from food & beverage to stationary and daily necessities. These are chosen by the PFS team each year, with special consideration of previous years’ feedback and experience.

To be able to continue giving quality hampers with practical and useful items, we will need to raise $70 per hamper for 1000 hampers annually.

Support this project and become a sponsor, by donating to the Angel Tree Hamper Project Fund.